reception desk #1
A Beechwood Reception Desk

Reception desk. With today’s stringent requirements for public areas such as
intumescent (fire retardant) lacquers and exceptionally hard wearing surfaces, it makes post spray
adjustments very difficult to carry out. With our long experience of applying lacquers by hand
we are able to blend colour and apply colour adjustment coats to areas where the natural grain of the
timbers are unexpectedly diverse.

This very smart reception station was not made by us but needed some careful colour
matching and snagging. The main problem was the blotchy colour patches due to the lay of the grain.

Remedial work

First we identified the problem areas. We then rubbed the areas in using a traditional graining medium and earth pigments until the correct colour struck. After sealing, we polished the surface with a polishers rubber and lacquer. We finally adjusted the sheen levels.

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