mahogany chest of drawers

A Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers

This mahogany chest of drawers came in needing quite a lot of work. The front feet had pieces broken out and the pine substructure needed rebuilding. 150mm of veneer was missing from each of the feet at the front and needed replacing. The drawers had a lot of cock beading missing and all the drawer runners were badly worn and needed replacing. Apart from those faults it had water marks to the top and the whole chest needed careful cleaning to retain the patina and then polishing.

First we replaced the worn drawer runners. We then inserted new pieces into the splayed feet. Once the substrate was sound we replaced the veneers. We then┬ámade and fitted the cock bead to the drawers. After carefully cleaning the French polish we waxed the whole chest with bee’s wax.

The customer was delighted.

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