Traditional French Polish

To lovers of fine furniture the world over, French polish remains one of the most elegant of finishes.  Because of it’s organic nature we can normally revive the surface. we can therefore often repair the bumps and knocks of time without the need to completely remove the finisinlaidkdesk4 with french polish finishh. Most of all this allows us to save the wonderful patina associated with antique furniture.

French Polish and Cleaning Service

At our workshops we offer a traditional hand French polishing service.  This ranges from the careful conservation, cleaning and revival of antique furniture to the complete re-polishing of an item when necessary.

Modern Lacquer Finishes

Since the first quarter of the 20th century most commercially made furniture has been finished with a sprayed lacquer. As a protective finish lacquer out performs traditional French polish by being much harder and more resilient to wear. Unfortunately this resilience makes it harder to repair when ring marks and scratches occur.

Lacquer Repair

 At Grantham Workshops we have a long experience of working witlacquered walnut tableh lacquer finishes. Often we can make an invisible repair by hand polishing, hence saving the expense of a complete strip and re-spray.

Strip and Re-lacquer

Sometimes there is no alternative to a complete re-finish but under those circumstances we offer a very competitively priced service.


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